Chronology 2 – The Bible’s catastrophes

by  John Holbrook Jr.
A Biblical View, posted February 13, 2017

Most Christians and even Creationists believe that only one cataclysm has occurred in the history of the world – the Flood of Noah. The Bible, however, mentions fifteen major disturbances directly which qualify as cataclysms. I include two more for which there is indirect evidence, one of which was predicted by a prophet. These disturbances have played a major role in natural and human history. Here are the seventeen disturbances:

0 AM [1]THE ADAM DISTURBANCE – In the year of Adam’s creation, after Adam sinned, God cursed his creation, thereby changing the fabric of Universe, after which all things became subject to disorder and decay and plant and animal life became subject to disease and death (all effects that are captured in the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics).

1656 AM – THE NOAH DISTURBANCE – When Noah was 600 years old, torrential downpours from the sky and profuse up-gushing from subterranean reservoirs deep in the earth covered the land with water and drowned all men, animals, and birds with the exception of the passengers on the Ark – an event which is commonly called “Noah’s Flood.”

1756 AM – THE PELEG DISTURBANCE – When Peleg was in his mother’s womb, a tectonic upheaval broke up the earth’s single land mass into the continents and major islands that exist today – an event which the Hebrews called “the Division of the Land.”

Undated (est. 1907 AM) –  THE TERAH (OR BABEL) DISTURBANCE – When Terah was 29 years old, a blast from heaven confounded the Babylonians’ and perhaps all mankind’s ability to speak in a common language, destroyed the tower of Babylon, and probably devastated much of the surrounding region.

2107 AM – THE ABRAHAM DISTURBANCE – When Abraham was 99 years old, an explosion eliminated the Vale of Siddim, destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and caused the African Rift or its greater expansion.

Undated (est. 2310 AM) – THE JOB DISTURBANCE – In Job’s time, raining fire, hurricane winds, and earthquakes killed Job’s children (Job’s first trial).

2513 AM –  THE MOSES DISTURBANCE – When Moses was 80 years old, a mighty perturbation caused the Ten Plagues of Egypt, precipitated the Exodus of the Hebrews from their bondage there, created the tornado which appeared as a Pillar of Cloud by day and a Pillar of Fire by night, parted the Red Sea, destroyed pharaoh and his army, and ended the Middle Kingdom of Egypt.

Undated (est. 2564 AM) – THE JOSHUA DISTURBANCE – Probably in year 11 of Joshua’s leadership of the Hebrews, meteorites fell on the battlefield at Beth-Horon during the conflict between the Israelites and the Amorites. Either the Earth’s Axis shifted or the Earth’s rotation ceased, causing the Sun to stand still in the sky and thereby prolonging the day in the Middle East and the night in the Americas.

Undated (est. 2716 AM) –  THE DEBORAH DISTURBANCE – Soon after Deborah became judge, the stars fought and flooding rains discomfited Sisera’s army.

Undated (est. 2919 AM) –  THE SAMUEL DISTURBANCE –  Probably in year 15 of Samuel’s judgeship, meteorites fell on the Philistines, accompanied by a great thundering in the sky.

Undated (est. 2969 AM) – THE DAVID DISTURBANCE – Probably in year 25 of David’s reign, an angel (comet or planet?) nearly destroyed Jerusalem.

Undated (est. 3020 AM) – THE SOLOMON DISTURBANCE – Probably in year 31 of Solomon’s reign, the first battle in the sky between the comet Venus and Mars occurred. There is no record of this event in the Bible or elsewhere. The disturbance is hypothetical, based on Homer’s references to three such battles.

Undated (est. 3122 AM) – THE JEHORAM DISTURBANCE – Probably in year 7 of Jehoram’s reign in Judah, the second battle in the sky between the comet Venus and Mars occurred. Again there is no Biblical record of this event, but there is an Egyptian record which refers to an unidentified affliction that fell on Egypt during the reign of Akhnaton – an affliction that the priests regarded as punishment for an unacknowledged incidence of patricide. There are also Greek records by (a) Archilochus, who referred to Zeus turning mid-day into night, and (b) Seneca, whose chorus in the drama Thyestes, asks the sun “What has driven thee from thy heavenly course? …Has Typhon thrown off the mountainous mass and set his body free?”[2]

Undated (est. 3223 AM) – THE AZARIAH DISTURBANCE – Probably in year 24 of Azariah=Uzziah’s reign in Judah, the third battle in the sky between Venus and Mars occurred. It caused a titanic earthquake which devastated the Middle East, and which the Hebrews called the “Commotion in the Days of Uzziah.”

3282 AM – THE AHAZ  DISTURBANCE – In Ahaz’s regnal year 15/16, the day on which Ahaz died was shortened when the sun’s shadow on the sundial moved forward by ten degrees.

3297 AM –  THE 1ST  HEZEKIAH DISTURBANCE – In Hezekiah’s regnal year 14, the day was lengthened when the sun’s shadow on the sundial moved backward by ten degrees, thereby correcting the previous displacement.

3312 AM – THE 2ND HEZEKIAH DISTURBANCE – In Hezekiah’s regnal year 29, a thunderbolt from Mars destroyed the army of the Assyrian King Sennacherib.

© 2016 John Holbrook Jr.


[1] AM stands for Anno Mundi, Latin for “Year of the World.”

[2] These quotes come from Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision, pp 216-217. Velikovsky believed that Atreus & Thyestes were contemporaries of Ahaz, and that the event to which Archilochus and Seneca referred was the Ahaz Distrubance. I disagree. According to my synchronization of the Greek generations, Atreus and Thyestes lived over a century and a half earlier than Ahaz. Also, Typhon was the name of a phenomenon that occurred during Venus Contact #1. Because the comet Venus emerged from the planet Jupiter (Zeus), Typhon was sometimes erroneously associated with Jupiter rather than Venus, but never with Mars.

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