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Photo by Tom McHugh, 2009

Person: I am a Bible-believing Christian, a husband of one wife since 1961, a father of two daughters, a grandfather of three grandsons and one granddaughter, an experienced architect, planner, and administrator, and an avid reader of non-fiction books.

Experience: 1950-55 Student at Saint Paul’s School; 1955-59 English major at Yale College; 1959-62 Infantry officer in U.S. Marines; 1962-68 Graduate student at Yale Architecture School and apprentice in several architectural firms; 1968-84 Architect; 1984-86 VP of the Episcopal Church Building Fund; 1986-92 Strategic planner, large project manager, and VP in Merrill Lynch’s Corporate Real Estate Department; 1992-97 Architect; 1997-02 CFO (responsible for administration, finance, and development) at Chosen People Ministries; 2002-present Retired and writing a book entitled A Biblical View of Things; Over 40 years serving on boards – often chairing them.

Specialties: Architectural, organizational, and strategic planning; financial analysis, accounting, and reporting; board governance (I am a strong advocate of John Carver’s Policy Governance); and presiding over meetings of many kinds.

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