About Site

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This site consists of nine main sections:


Site Planning – It explains the planning behind the site.

Site Map – It shows the structure of the site.

2 – ABOUT AUTHOR – It introduces you to the creator of the site.

Author’s beliefs

Author’s resume

Author’s talk at his retirement banquet

Author’s Architecture

3 – PRAYER FOR EACH READER – It contains a prayer for each reader that reflects how he or she currently views God and the Bible.


Author’s Blog – It introduces you to the wide variety of subjects that the author addresses in his writings, from ancient history to the descent of the USA into incivility and immorality. Many of the postings are slight re-workings of material from the author’s books and other writings. The author will try to post a new blog every week.

Author’s Books – They are works in progress, and the author will update them as he improves them and adds to them.

Author’s Additional Writings – coming


6 – RESOURCES – coming

7 – NOT CHRISTIAN? – It contains a message specifically for non-Christians.

8 – JEWISH? – It contains a message specifically for non-Christian Jews.

9 – SLIDESHOWS It contains slideshows of the major eras of history and samples of the author’s architectural work.

Excepting for information about the author, the contents of the above sections possess one thing in common: they are written from or conform to what the author regards as a biblical point of view.

The author hopes that you will return to this website often. He and the trustees of his literary estate will work diligently to make it worth your while to do so